CAIM NaviMotion
CAIM NaviMotion

Non portable pilot unit compliant Panama Canal regulation

NaviMotion is the fixed piloting unit created by CAIM, certified by the Panama Canal Authority, and compliant with regulation A-32-2022 applicable to vessels with a width exceeding 33 meters.



NaviMotion consists of two units: the Piloting unit and the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) unit, equipped with lead crystal batteries that provide 10 hours of autonomy in the event of a blackout. The entire system is built using the best technologies for highly precise position detection and inertial systems.


Fully Compatible

NaviMotion is fully compatible with the Panama Canal pilot’s tablet via WLAN. Additionally, CAIM offers the NGMAT option, a water-resistant, shock-resistant, and high-brightness tablet that supports the crew in conducting highly precise maneuvering operations.

NGMAT can also serve as an emergency system, guiding the ship to the nearest port in the event of an ECDIS breakdown. This is possible thanks to the NaviDock software, which displays all official ENC data and shows data derived from NaviMotion, providing the most precise location.

This allows the captain to perform maneuvers with the utmost safety.



Along with the equipment, a plaque will be provided to the vessel indicating the ID, SSID, and a password or QR code, all authenticated by the Panama Canal Authority.

This will allow the pilot to access the data provided by NaviMotion.



Non portable Piloting Unit Compliant with Panama Canal Authority requirements.

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