Pay As You Sail provides an effortless navigation for the mariners.

The vessel will be tracked and will be provided with a full AVCS PAYS FOLIO worldwide license, where all the charts of the world are included.

These charts will be installed on NaviGate and the Master will have to select the geographical area they need, not to burden the ECDIS with too much data.

Once the Master extracts the permits from NaviGate, using a USB stick, these permits will have to be installed onto the ECDIS, and the Master will be able to do the Passage Plan.

Once the voyage starts, only the charts on which the vessel actually sails will be licensed for 3 months and charged to the vessel, according to the satellite tracking.

The system interfaces the AVCS catalogue with the route of the vessel.

At the end of the month, the Ship Owner will receive a cumulative invoice with all the 3 months activated charts.

The Master will be able to update the charts every week.

The PAYS system enables to view ALL the charts for planning, but only the charts where the vessel sails will be charged.

The Master won’t need to do the charts activation anymore, it will all be automatic.

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